Welcome to PDFbooks. Looking for something to read? Make your way across to our Book section. For now it contains the entire list of available books. In most browsers, you can search the page (typically with CTRL-F), to find that book you are looking for. These books fall into the Public Domain in most countries - so, help yourself and enjoy the read.

Some history on PDFbooks

Back in 2007, Project Gutenberg contained mostly pure text documents to try store the books in a most timeless, future-proof format. Good thinking, just not very user-friendly. So a project started, to convert the text into marked-up latex, with automatic formatting, to make the books easier on the eye. About 7000 books were converted that way.

Additionally, PDFbooks has become a podium for authors to expose their unpublished work. Have a look. If you would like add your own books, please Contact Us.